Trifula professional truffle cutter

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Blade material

AISI 420 Stainless steel

Blade finish



Sleeve in recycled tissue


168 gr – 5,926 oz

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Innovative truffle cutter created in collaboration with chef Terry Giacomello.

Also for this new project, we have broken the rules and thought of a product for kitchen professionals and for those who love concept design objects. Our new truffle cutter – PATENTED -, joins the TeGi line and was also born from the collaboration between the designer Alex Olivetto “Bonus Design” and the starred chef Terry Giacomello.

The blade, which slides on a slit machined from solid, thanks to a screw with a nut can be adjusted in a micrometric way. The fold, fundamental to have a constant and manageable slice thickness, makes the slice fall exactly under the cutting mark. TRIFULA allows you to slice vegetables, chocolate and hard cheeses.

The large surface of the body allows you to easily slice even large truffles. The symmetrical design allows an ideal use of TRIFULA for both right and left. TRIFULA can be disassembled, washed and perfectly cleaned with a few simple gestures.

As the whole line TeGi is provided with case obtained by reusing the fabric of discarded sails.

Truffle cutter patented by Coltellerie Maserin.


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