Terms and conditions of sale


By “on line” sale/purchase contract, we mean the long distance contract and that is the legal negotiation having for object real goods and/or services stipulated between a supplier, COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC, VIA DEI FABBRI N.19, 33085 MANIAGO (PN) , ITALYand a consumer and/or customer in the scope of a system of long distance sales organised by the supplier who, for said contract, employs the distance communication technology named the “internet”. All contracts, therefore, will be concluded directly through access on the part of the consumer and/or customer at the internet sire corresponding to the www.maserin.com where, following the indicated procedures, he will get to the conclusion of the purchase of the goods COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC will be able, with discretion, to request that the consumer and/or client confirm the order placed. By consumer, we mean any physical person who, in the sales contract of consumer goods, acts for aims unrelated to the entrepreneurial activity carried out. For long distance contracts with consumers, we explicitly recall the legislation provided by section II of the D.Lgs. no. 206 of 6 September 2005.

The contract is considered concluded at the moment in which the customer’s acceptance arrives at COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC’s electronic address, by sending the digital order; the customer will receive via email confirmation of the conclusion of the contract. Any order placed by a person neither resident nor domiciled in Italy, the Republic of San Marino or the Vatican City or Switzerland, or who is not yet 18 years of age and does not have a fiscal code and/or VAT number, will be without effect.


All sales prices of the products displayed and indicated inside the internet site, inasmuch as they constitute a public offer according to art. 1336 c.c., include VAT and all other taxes. For international delivery we only accept payment by credit card or bank transfer in advance. COD (payment on delivery) is not possible out of Italy. . The shipping charges will be paid by the customer, which will be clearly visible before completion of the order, variable according to weight, dimensions and destination of the order itself. The prices may be subject to variations at any time, without the Supplier having to advise of them, in any case, once the customer has placed the order, this same will not be subject to any price change.
The purchase contract is concluded through the exact filling out and agreeing to buy demonstrated by the “online” subscription data or else concluding the guided buying procedure, which is concluded by clicking on the “Send Order” button. The customer can pay for the ordered goods by the payment services indicated online at the time of the purchase (see payment methods).
The Customer does not owe anything more than the amount shown for the entire order at the end of the purchase procedure.
The Customer will be sent confirmation of the order via electronic post, carrying forward the data of the interested party, the delivery address, the price and shipping costs, and eventual comments. The Customer is expected to verify the correctness of that which has been carried forward and to communicate eventual changes in a timely manner.
For every order placed, COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC sends an accompanying invoice of the goods shipped, according to art. 14 D.P.R. 445/2000. In order to emit this above mentioned invoice, the information supplied by the Customer at the time of ordering will be faithfully reflected therein. No changes can be made after the invoice has been sent.

2.1 – Delivery

Our shipping and handling charge are calculating once per order and covers shipping, postage, packing, packaging, supplies. We advice you when the spedition done with an e-mail so you can monitor where your package.The extimated time for spedition can be this: 2-6 days – depending on the destination country.
COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC cannot be held responsible for late dispatching of the order nor delivery of what has been ordered. In the case of late delivery, which is not COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC’s responsibility, the Customer has the right to cancel the order and the money paid will be reimbursed.

At the moment the courier delivers the merchandise, the Customer is expected to make sure: The number of packages delivered correspond to what is indicated on the transport document; The packaging is intact, not damaged, or wet, or in any way ruined, even for the binding material (adhesive tape or staples). If this is not the case, this has to be indicated on the courier’s transport document in the space “I ACCEPT WITH RESERVE”, briefly specifying the description of the anomaly encountered (ex: wet wrapping, holes in the box, stains on the box, etc.); if this is not done COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC will NEITHER accept complaints NOR substitute the merchandise.

Delivery problems
In case of failed collection within 5 working days of the present material sitting in the courier’s warehouse because of repeated impossibility of delivery to the address indicated by the Customer at the time the order was placed, this order will be returned to our warehouse.


Product availability is updated daily and is clearly stated for each product.

If the consumer and/or customer should not agree to wait the time necessary for delivery (apart from the terms provided for in art. 54 of the D. Lgs. no. 206/2005) the contract will be understood as rescinded and COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC will see to the cancellation of the payment.


[COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC will see to delivery to the customers the selected and ordered products, with the conditions set out in the preceding article, via courier and/or trusted shippers, or else to the final judgement of the company, to the company itself.
4.1 – The times for delivery will never exceed those provided for in art. 54 D.Lgs. 206/2005 (these terms will be applicable even for transactions with non consumers). By date of delivery we mean the date relating to the first attempt, on the part of the courier, to deliver the merchandise to the address (meaning the main entrance to the building and not that accessing the private dwelling), even if the attempt fails because of the absence of the addressee or refusal of the merchandise.
In the case of a failed delivery of the ordered and shipped merchandise, a failure not attributable to COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC, this same will have the right to be reimbursed for the shipping. This reimbursement operation can also be done by partial transfer of payment made by credit card.


The buyer and/or customer undertakes and is obliged, once the “online” buying procedure is concluded, to see to printing out and keeping the present general conditions which, moreover, will have already been read and accepted as one obligatory step during purchasing, as well as of the specifics of the product which is the object of the purchase, and in order to fully satisfy the conditions in arts. 4, 5, 52 and 53 of the Decr. Legisl. No. 206/2005.
5.1 – It is strictly forbidden to enter false and/or imaginary data during the registration procedure necessary to activate the operation on your behalf in order to execute the present contract and the relative ulterior communications; personal data and email information must be exclusively those of the buyer and not of third parties or otherwise invented. The consumer and/or customer authorizes COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC and undertakes to supply, at the discretional request of this last, unexpired copies of ID documents. Lack of compliance to this request for documents authorizes COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC to dissolve the contract for lack of fulfilment on the part of the buyer. It is expressly forbidden to effect multiple registrations for the same person or enter third parties’ data COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC reserves the right to legally pursue every violation or abuse, in the interests of and for the protection of all consumers.
COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC reserves the right to approve an order only after checking the accuracy of all data contained therein, in the case of non-acceptance of the order, COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC will give timely notice to Customer.
5.2 – The customer relieves COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC from any liability arising from the emission of erroneous fiscal documents because of errors in the data supplied by the customer, it being the sole responsibility of the client for their correct insertion.


By filling out the apposite space on the Website for payment by the banking system, the consumer and/or customer authorizes COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC to use their credit cards, or other card issued in substitution thereof, to debit their current account in favor of COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC by the total amount shown as the cost of purchase “online”. The whole procedure is effected by means of secure connection directly to the bank, owner and operator of the “online” payment service, to which COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC cannot access. If the consumer were to exercise the right of withdrawal, as explained in paragraph 9 of these general conditions, the amount to be refunded will be credited to the same credit card.
6.1 – Compiling the registry card in the registration process, necessary to activate the process on the customer’s behalf for the execution of the present contract and subsequent relative communications, the consumer and/or customer authorizes COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC to communicate non-sensitive personal information (residence, phone number) to carriers and/or shipping agents of trust used for the delivery of the purchased goods to allow the procedures required for delivery to the specified address.


From the moment the consumer and/or customer receives damaged goods or seeks their return to the carrier, their action is directly and exclusively against the carrier itself. This also relates to delay in delivery of the goods to the consignee COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC, in those cases, must consider itself exempt of any liability for loss or damage (damaging) of the goods from the time when the same is given unconditionally to the carrier for transportation.
In case of damage to the package or of the packaging, the Customer has the burden to claim reservations with regard to the transported property at the time of delivery to avoid forfeiture to do so.
In case of partial loss or damage not detectable at the time of delivery, the consumer and/or customer must denounce to the carrier, subject to forfeiture, the damage as soon as recognized and no later than eight days after receipt, by registered, return receipt post (Art . 1698 civ. cod.)

It is to be understood that the images accompanying the description sheet of a product, might not be fully representative of its characteristics, but differ in size, product accessories, color, present in the figure. All supporting information for purchases is intended simply as material for general information, not referable to real characteristics of a single product. In the absence of specific instructions in the order note, there can be no complaint about the lack of conformity of the purchase.


The provisions of D. L. 24/2002 apply to all products sold by COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC

COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC disclaims any liability for special damages: incidental, consequential, or indirect, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC, after the inescapable communication of the code of return, may authorize the return of the product for verification to be carried out in its service centre used by the seller. Expenses of return will be anticipated by the consumer. The risks involved in shipping the goods are entirely the responsibility of the sender who can freely choose whether to insure the shipped product without any obligation of repayment by the seller. Shipments sent “freight collect” will not be accepted unless previously agreed upon with the seller. Where the alleged defect is confirmed, COLTELLERIE MASERIN SNC will arrange to perform in a reasonable time, the remedy agreed upon and credit the shipping costs incurred, except those for services other than ordinary.


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