Classic Line Steak 6 pcs

design by Coltellerie Maserin.

Note: 6 pcs box.

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Blade material

4116 Stainless steel with nitrogen tempered


Sawed Steak, Steak





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Forged steak knife set.

Thee forged knives are high quality knives, made with a production process called forging. The mallet, a machine that exerts tons of pressure on 2 molds, applies its force on a “billet” of steel placed between the molds. Working at a temperature of about 1200 Celsius it shapes the piece.

From the shape of the metal you obtain the typical shape of the knife: the bolster and the handle.

Forged knives are heavier than stamped knives and this is one of the main differences between the two kinds of knives and is why chefs and experts prefer them, as they possess a more solid grip and cleaner and more precise cut.

Forged knives are more suitable for cutting raw meats, roasts and vegetable of high consistency.


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