TEGI line

Kitchen knives made in collaboration with Michelin-star chef Terry Giacomello.

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Blade material

Steel X50 Cr Mo 15 = W1.4116 (high carbon content)


Boning, Chef, Peeling, Sashimi, Steak, TeGi


Peeling : 7cm
Steak : 12cm
Boning : 13cm
TeGi : 17cm
Chef : 19cm
Sashimi : 26cm


Black paper stone, Brown paper stone


Stainless steel 304


Eco-box or multiple poket chef bag

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Set of professional handcrafted knives with case in sheath of disused and recycled sails.

Laser cut blades, in high carbon steel and with chromium which makes the steel stainless, with also molybdene which increases the protection against oxidation and with vanadium which increases the duration of the sharpening
The special tempering process with nitrogen makes the blades with a 58 HRC Rockwell hardness.

The material of the handle is made from 100% recycled paper and natural resin. Its unique beauty is combined with excellent functionality.

With natural pigments the color changes in various designs. It is an abrasion resistant material and is water repellent.

The perfect marriage between centuries-old traditions of the Maniago smiths and technological innovation in materials without ever compromising.


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