Apollo 2 Line (forged)

design by Coltellerie Maserin

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Blade material

4116N Stainless steel with nitrogen tempered


HRC 57/58


Boning, Bread, Carving 15, Carving 20, Chef 25, Fork, Ham, Salami, Sharpening


Paring : 10cm
Boning : 14cm
Carving : 15cm/20cm
Santoku : 18cm
Fillet : 18cm
Chef : 20cm/25cm/16cm
Bread : 23cm
Salami : 25cm
Ham : 28cm
Fork : 18cm
Sharpening : 20cm


Fork in ABS, POM

From: 68,00
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Thee forged knives are high quality knives, made with a production process called forging. This is performed with the mallet, a machine which, by exerting tons of pressure on 2 molds between which a steel “billet” is placed, brought to a temperature of about 1200 Celsius, shapes the piece.

From the shape of the metal you obtain the typical shape of the knife: the bolster and the handle.

One of the characteristics of forged knives is that they are heavier than the others. This quality is chosen by chefs and professionals who prefer a solid grip and a clean and precise cut.

Forged knives are more suitable for cutting raw meats, roasts and vegetable of high consistency.


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