Stakni 4 Line – 2133

design by Coltellerie Maserin

4 piece Steak Knife Set

Additional information

Blade material

4116N Steel

Blade length

120 mm

Overall length

218 mm

Handle materials

Bocote, Olive tree, Pao santos, Wenge


70 gr

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Set of sliced ​​steak knives.

The veneers of the Stakni line have a “full tang”, a blade / handle extension system (by means of rivets) which allows the grips to be fixed in various materials.
Assembled in this manner, the knives have a higher resistance and the blades are more securely anchored to the handle.

Their light weight makes using the Stakni 4 series in the kitchen and at the table easy.
design by Coltellerie Maserin.


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