966 Gladio Alato

Additional information

Blade material

N690 Stainless steel


HRC 59

Blade finish

DLC coating

Blade thickness

5 mm -0.196 in

Blade Length

180 mm – 7,086 in

Overall Lenght

234 gr – 8,254 oc.


G10 black


Kydex M.O.L.L.E. system

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The “Gladio Alato” project was created to provide the personnel of the 66th Airborne Infantry Regiment “Trieste” with a specific dagger that incorporates the spirit, symbolism and needs of the department. To realize this, we collaborated with CFA and created the new 966. The square blade is reminiscent of that of the Gladio from which it takes its name, and the handle is that of classic military tactical daggers but with a high-grip machining/texture.

Given the type of tactical use of the department, to the pure dagger, we have added details that make it suitable for emergency uses such as a glass breaker with a slot and 2 holes placed on the guard to allow the knife to be attached to other elements in an emergency.

The 66th Airborne Infantry Regiment “Trieste” is the only airborne infantry regiment in the Italian Army, is based in Forli, is part of the Friuli Airborne Brigade” and is staffed by volunteer personnel.


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