Design by Giacomo Toncelli

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Blade material

N690 HRC60 Steel teflonated

Lunghezza lama
Overall Lenght

460 mm


671 gr


Forprene (elasto polymer) 90D density, hard-wearing from -40°C to +150°C (Black 9011 N.A.T.O. color)


Nylon, Yes

Blade thickness
Fixed blade



Design by Giacomo Toncelli

The Clavum was born as a more specific machete for non-tropical vegetation areas, therefore Clavum has a blade designed for vegetation with the most compact fiber and so harder to cut.

The 5 mm thickness and the particular curved profile of the blade facilitates cutting compared to machetes with straight blade specific for tropical vegetation

the right weight (671 gr) and the particular profile of the Clavum blade make it an excellent cutting tool, moreover the vibrations that the blow causes on the wrist are less than a machete with a thinner blade.

The handle has exceptional grips, even in situations of heavy sweating of the hand or soaked in mud.

All this thanks to the profile and the design of the grips.

The blade profile is inspired by a tried and tested agricultural tool; the “roncola” of undoubted effectiveness.

In addition, Clavum is equipped with a “grip” and at the same time a shear that are used to grab branches or other higher or more distant from the maximum extension of the arm and bring them closer for their cutting.