Designed by Davide Bomben

Additional information

Blade material

D2 Steel


HRC 60

Blade finish


Blade Length

140 mm – 5,511 in

Blade thickness

6 mm – 0.236 in

Overall Lenght

290 mm – 11,417 in


G10 black, G10 gray, G10 orange


Diamond and survival wire saw


Nylon, Yes


412 g

Knife type

Fixed blade

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DICEROS is a project born from the collaboration between Davide Bomben, Maxwell Di Pierro and our company.

It is a fixed blade knife with a strong, extreme character, intended for African rangers engaged in the difficult task of fighting poaching and defending biodiversity.

DICEROS is a very solid knife that cuts, strikes, spreads, splits and allows you to work massively without the slightest yielding.

By purchasing the DICEROS you will automatically help the rangers of the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa who will receive a knife that can really make the difference.

There are 4 elements on the Diceros blade. The logo of the Maserin company who is the producer. The logo of the Tactical Professional Academy, which is the tactical training academy that created the knife. Diceros logo which is not just a knife but a true philosophy of life. The letters K.R.L. , the initials of Kobus, Rory and Luca, three wonderful people who   dedicated their lives to the conservation . They left us in 2021, the year in which Diceros was presented. Their death represents a lot to us and Diceros is a symbol, a bridge, which will try to keep us linked forever.

Kobus de Marias was an anti-poaching unit operator specializing in K9, he was killed by a lion in February while he and his dog were on the trail of poachers in Pilanesberg Park, the same park where the first 15 knives sold will go. .

Rory Young was an anti-poaching unit instructor killed in Burkina Faso with 2 Spanish journalists by Jihadist militants.

Luca Vercesi was the referent of tactical medicine for our academy in Africa. He had operated in Congo, Namibia and South Africa. A bad evil took him away from us.

Diceros is our tribute to those heroes who have dedicated their lives for a higher value.


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