POR FERS 2014 2020

POR FERS 2014 2020 Activity 2.3.a.3

The “Total Quality” project aims to innovate some phases of the company’s production process, through the introduction of a new machinery capable of fully automating the satin finishing and sharpening processes of the blades (currently made manually) by improving in this way, the efficiency and flexibility of production and, above all, the quality of the finished product are considerably improved. At the same time, the introduction of this process technology will also open up the possibility of introducing new materials and advanced surface treatments / coatings capable of giving the blades new aesthetic and functional characteristics (improved physical and chemical properties) that are difficult to work with traditional technologies. : these technologies, in fact, generally operate on the micro and nanometric scale and therefore require very high degrees of precision in the processing phases (including satin finishing and sharpening).

Approved amount € 330.536,00

Total public aid € 85.272,59

POR FERS 2014 2020 2.3.b.3

New e-commerce platform
The new market scenarios and the constantly evolving pandemic required a new project that involves the development of the e-commerce platform and the website.
It is a scalable platform that, in a flexible way, will be able to gradually adapt to the changing business models.
The things achieved are: presentation of the company and its pluses in terms of design and innovation, comprehensive presentation of the extensive product catalog, having a lean sales tool, based on technology mobile first (by now users are approaching the web, in the first instance, through their mobile phones), keep the two sites divided to have a greater possibility of differentiating the catalogs. With the aim of containing costs to ensure the scalability of the project, it was decided to propose, from the first instance, the use of a platform that can offer all the features mentioned above. To meet the needs, the project will be developed in two distinct moments: e-commerce development, new site development corporate _E-COMMERCE PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT: Creative concept. We propose a creative concept, based on a first analysis of the competitors and sharing the references.In this phase we have created some of the main templates in order to then decline the graphics on the remaining templates. Creation of the graphic layout. Following the guidelines of the approved concept, a graphic layout of the institutional part and a layout for the part of the e-commerce world has been produced.
Approved amount € 29.369,00
Total public aid € 23.4965,20


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