Steak Mediterraneo line

design by Coltellerie Maserin


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code: 2211/11POM

US$ 21.60
Blade length: 11 cm
Blade: Stainless steel W1.4116 HRC 58 with nitrogen tempered
Handle: P.O.M.
Rivets: stainless steel
Packaging: gift box

Mediterraneo line knives are kitchen tools - homely and professional - that conceptually recall three-rivet knives with full length tails, but revisited in their shape and ergonomic lines. The well-molded, highly sharpened, laser-cut blades are heat-treated to provide a hardiness that keeps sharpening longer. POM handles for food, besides being ergonomic, are unalterabile to dishwashing. Mediterraneo line knives are light and versatile, suitable for all types of foods (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, desserts).