Collection 24 pcs Mignon Collection

Design by Coltellerie Maserin

Collection 24 pcs Mignon

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Collection 24 pcs Mignon

code: ESPO 24


Blade: Stainless steel AISI 420
Box: Gift box
Box composition : 1 pc 698/T, 2 pcs 699/PL, 2 pcs 699/T, 1 pc 699/CR, 1 pc 699/CV, 2 pcs 699/O, 1 pc 699/PR, 2 pcs 699/IN,
                                 2 pcs 700/PL, 2 pcs 700/T, 1 pc 700/CR, 1 pc 700/CV, 2 pcs 700/O, 2 pcs 700/IN, 1 pc 702/T, 1 pc 703/T

Note:  Hand made and sharpened by skilled artisans Small jewels to collect or gift with handles the wood horn buffalo deer horn bone colored carbon fiber  rbriar wood  mother of pearl